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Contracts, terms & conditions and notices

We can help you by drafting any contracts and advising you on how to negotiate with other parties and deal with any disputes.

We can review and draft your business terms to ensure compliance with data protection and privacy laws.

Debt recovery advice

We can advise you about unpaid invoices, bad debt, unpaid rent and the options to recover unpaid amounts, in a way that makes financial sense to you or your business.

Employment conditions and disputes

We can represent you through grievances, redundancies and dismissal procedures. Having a problem or need paperwork drafted? Contact us to discuss your case.


If you are in dispute with someone over sale of goods or services, contact us straight-away for a free assessment


Landlord and tenant dispute? Contact us to see that your rights are being preserved

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Make your business compliant with data protection

We are currently offering to review all of your business terms and paperwork to make them compliant with the GDPR and privacy laws.

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